Library of Political Science and Internetional studies UW – photo-gallery

Faculty of Political Science and International Studies Library, University of Warsaw – Poland, is located at Nowy Świat 69. It is one of the largest faculty libraries at the University of Warsaw, both in terms of the use of collections and attendance in the reading room.
Books are primarily collected for the teaching and research needs of all courses of study at the Faculty. Currently, the library collection has about 71 000 volumes – books and magazines (as of 31 December 2011) and also 708 PhD theses that have been defended at the Faculty and collected since 1975.
According to the University Regulations, the reading room is also a public scientific reading room. All who are interested, can use the collections freely here. Due to our participation in the cooperation of Polish academic libraries, in terms of developing computer files in NUKAT, information about our book collection is available in the University of Warsaw Libraries online catalogue and the NUKAT central directory.
The reading room has 90 seats. It houses a reference library that contains works of general content, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, reference books and magazines collected by the library.
Information about our book collection can be obtained either through a computer directory or an old-fashioned card catalogue.
Students, doctoral students and university employees have the right to borrow books from the library. Employees and graduate students borrow on the basis of cards issued at the University of Warsaw Library, while students can use their student ID cards. At a given time, a user can have six books on his account (excluding reading room materials).   The maximum duration of the loan period is 30 days. If a book is widely-read, the rental period is determined by the librarian. Photocopies, magazines and materials from the reference library are not available for borrowing outside the reading room.At the beginning of each academic year, the library organises an information meeting for first-year students at our Faculty. The aim is to familiarise them with the library, the library Terms of Use and Regulations. [D.S.]


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